Hello, my name is Robyn Lindsey and I have been doing photography for 10 years. My husband, Kelly and I live in a metal shop building that we are renovating into a home. We love to work on projects of all sorts, flip things, travel, dance, and play Settlers of Catan. We have a "mini" potbelly pig named Ruthy who just turned 1 year old and weighs in at 50 lbs. We also bought a school bus last year that we are turning into an RV. It's parked right next to our backyard dance floor. Storytime originated with a friend of mine who was a videographer and we teamed up to offer full service Photography/Videography for weddings. Now it is just me again, and my time with my former partner taught me much about Videography and Video editing. I graduated from the University of Arkansas in 2008 with a degree in Interior Design. As Storytime Productions, I offer an array of services: Photography, Videography, Graphic Design, Wedding Decorating, and even floral arrangements. I have several friends who have worked with me over the years in many of these areas and we have lots of fun with it! Call or email us to set up an appointment over coffee (or if you're like me...chai!) I look forward to meeting you!

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